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Check Tyler and crew getting the on the gnar in Mayrhofen back in January.

Tyler, one of the infamous Pirates crew, torch-bearer for men's riding in Britain and former owner of the finest moustache in snowboarding, is a frickin' fun guy to shred the gnar gnar with. Able to chuck frontflips off molehills, put down back 9s with the best of 'em and butter his furry muffin like it's going out of fashion, we reckoned he'd be the perfect candidate to stalk for a day in the Vans Penken Park and shralping up the resort's inclines.

So at the start of January we ragged it over to the Zillertal when the park opened it's doors for the season and followed Tyler, Kalle Ohlson (green jacket and too much hair) Stef Zeestraten (white jacket, blue pants) and Chris Kightly (orange pants) around for the day.

Check it out.