DaKine have teamed up with snowsurf maestros Äsmo to produce a limited edition range of backpacks and gloves, all with that familiar black/green vibe you'll have seen on the base of many of the Äsmo board range. And they launched this swag last week in Munich with a good old-fashioned get-together and a chance to look at Carlos Blanchard's epic photography, along with the gear itself.

Äsmo co-founder Wolle Nyvelt has a long history with the DaKine family, and with the increasing popularity of snow surfing (do yourself a favour and check their movie, Äsmosphere) it was only natural that they'd work together on a line of bags and gloves.


The backpacks offering consists of the Äsmo Trek II 26L Pack for seeking the perfect skate spot, the surf-inspired Äsmo Section Wet/Dry 28L Pack and the Äsmo Mission 25L Pack that supports both backcountry missions and urban adventures. Each pack is constructed using a 305 denier Cordura® HP coated ripstop for exceptional durability and resistance to tears, scuffs and abrasions. The Fillmore trigger mittens we saw were part of the colab are a classic, performance driven designs that - with DaKine's long history of making quality handwear - you can rely on to perform in the worst conditions, again in that murdered out black with green trim.


DaKine launched the gear last week in Munich, where they took over a swanky bar, plied the Munich Media Mafia with cocktails, and exhibited the gear, the Äsmo boards, and a selection of Carlos Blanchard's stellar photography. As well as checking all this out, we had the chance to share the bants with Wolle and another Zillertal legend, Steve Gruber, about these boards that they had craft in the iconic Austrian valley.

Based a short right turn from just before entering Mayrhofen, in the Äsmo factory the boys hand craft every single board they produce, and the things are nothing short than works of art. They are, however, considering making some more affordable models using a larger factory in the future, as the €800 nicker or so isn't so affordable. But craftsmanship comes at a cost, and these things are damnded well crafted.


Each of the models they make takes around a day to produce from start to finish, though it's a bit of an assembly line so the crew work on batches to optimise time. On-snow the crazy thing is just how well they perform - we had the chance to test one a couple of winters back and the bizarre thing is just how easy they are to ride in pow. It's common to forget you're not strapped in... until you hit a bump or try to ollie – if you're like us you'll end up in a ditch.

Gruber was saying how Wolle, for times when he wants to send his Äsmo off bigger drops or kickers, has started integrating magnets into the soles of his boots and the boards' deck grip. This explains some of the more mindbending stuff he gets up to in Äsmosphere, yet it's still nonetheless impressive.

If you get the chance to ride an Äsmo you most definitely should. And if you like quality, black bags, gloves and the like with a green trim, and wanna flash your core cred, peep the DaKine x Äsmo colab collection for sure.