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Crossfire – Christophe Schmidt

Photo: Scalp

This month’s Crossfire hit Christophe Schmidt and we sent him all the letters we got from our curious readers – except those, of course, that asked about the colour of his pants or his favourite sex toy. If you want to see your questions being answered by one of the pros, check back to where we introduce the Crossfire candidates for the coming issues and ask for your help.

Bonjour Christophe,
I’ve seen your interview in Onboard from a few years ago, and you were wearing golf stuff on the photos. Do you really play golf? What’s up with all the snowboarder-golfers?
David, Marseille

Yep it is true that I play golf. But I don’t know why so many snowboarders are also playing. To me it is a great alternative to snowboarding, without adrenaline or the danger of injuries.

Who do you think is the next “hot shit” in Germany?
Peter/ Cologne

Marco Smolla, as he already rides very consistently and creatively. Plus he is good at everything – on rails, in the park or pipe and in powder. Besides his style, this makes a good snowboarder.

Do you have a favourite snowboard cover? And if so, why is it so special?
Maria, Innsbruck

I don’t have a single favourite shot. It just needs to look special, not 08/15 (German expression for average – 08/15 refers to the first general issue machinegun in Germany).

What are your plans for the coming season?
Alex, London

Similar to last season: I will be filming, shooting and showing up at some contests. I still don’t have a strict schedule but will decide in the autumn what I will be doing exactly. Mainly it depends on Blankpaper and whether there will be another movie after ‘In Short’…

You are half French, half German. Who is the better lover?
Natalie, Lyon

It is in the mix! Of course I have French emotions and temper!

What do you like more, powder or park?
Niklas, Sweden

I won’t ride in the park on a good powder day.

How do you learn new tricks? Is there any particular trick you want to learn this season?
Paolo, Madrid

I only try new tricks if I’m confident and if it is not icy. It is important to first imagine the trick in your head and don’t hesitate when you try it. I certainly want to learn some new tricks this season and will see what comes into my head.

Hey Christophe,
The last winter was more than crap for everybody who had to stay in Europe. Did you get some snow and where did you travel?
Michael, München

The last winter was really a pity. At the end of the season, central Switzerland was quite a good option. But I also travelled a lot in the States, Canada, Alaska and the Pyrenees. In America, especially in Whistler, the last winter was one of the best in many years.

Your home resort Spitzing opened only for a few weeks last winter as there was not enough snow, and the snowboard industry is starting to talk ‘green’. What do you think about global warming?
Ecobunny 37, Regensburg

It was really frustrating that I could hardly ride at Spitzing last season. But I think that there have always been good and bad winters, and that is normal. Just because of one bad winter it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any good winters any more. I’m more scared that the glaciers in Europe melt more and more. Everybody should think more environmentally and help to stop this development.

Almost every pro seems to have a clothing brand or own production company. Do you also have any plans into this direction? If not, what are your plans for the future?
Pelle, Norway

I haven’t started any company yet and also don’t plan to do this in the future. I don’t necessarily want to be involved in the snowboard scene in my later life, but work in other branches. It depends on how long I will still be riding professionally but I could imagine studying at university. I haven’t decided yet.

Why are you never doing any FS 540 truckdriver grabs in the pipe? They are so much cooler than boring Indies!
Double grabs are so 2004, man!

Will you ever sell your butt for Olympia again?
Of course, I sell my butt for everything that comes my way.

Is it right that the guys from Blankpaper will come out with a new movie this season or did I hallucinate when I saw them filming in Mayrhofen?
No, you saw the reality. We also filmed in Hintertux and in the autumn the new Blankpaper movie ‘In Short’ will come out.

Dear Christophe,
You are our biggest idol and have always been, but you already know that. We heard that you were the small guy in your team for many years and didn’t like this fact too much. But one day, two even smaller guys (us) showed up and freed you from your torture. It wasn’t an issue anymore until the two started growing up, and again you were pushed into the role of the small guy. It was a relief for you when a passionate small ‘worm’ (Marco Smolla) showed up and it was obvious that he would take over your role forever. You were so happy about this, that you became a very good snowboarder! Is this a true story or what can you say to defend yourself?
Your loyal fans,
The Twins

Yes, it was sardonic when you two sods grew up all of a sudden. That pretty much pressed my sensible ego. My inferiority complexes almost made me end my career. But luckily there was this, like you said, “small worm” to take over the horrible place. I owe him very much for this but also you guys for accepting this role for a while.


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