[Yep. Sadly no one's perfect and we printed the wrong price for Smith's tasty-looking Limited Edition artist collaboration Holt, dubbed the Holt Spacecraft. It's €129 and not €79 as we put in the mag. We also put that the matching goggle was the Fuse. It is infact the Prodigy. Fear not, heads have rolled and torsos have been whipped with birch.]

Smith Holt 'Spacecraft' helmet This comfortable, lightweight helmet is a good one for the all-year-rounder wanting to lessen the chances of a cracked melon. Goggle fogging is happily reduced via Air-Evac technology, which ensures maximum airflow, and its year-round usability is ensured by the easy-to-remove Snap-fit ear pads and convertible pad kit for those wanting to skate with it. Of course, it meets the snow-specific safety standards you’ll know all about from last month’s techfiles, it’s compatible with Bluetooth and Skullcandy helmet earpieces, and just look at how well that colourway on their limited edition Kung-Fu punk rock Prodigy goggle goes with it. Bang!

Holt 'Spacecraft' helmet: €129.00. Goggles sold separately.

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