Age: 21

Hometown: Uden, Holland

Cheryl Maas had a pretty successful season. She competed at the Olympics, which took her loads of time for preparation, and she won the TTR women’s series with her great performance at the Roxy Chicken Jam in St Moritz. Otherwise, she has been filming for Volcom and Forum all over the place.

What was the first board you ever owned? It was a Crazy Creak and it was brown. That’s all I remember.

Board of choice: Forum Star

Boot of choice: Forum Destroyers... in my own orange colours

Binding of choice: I took the orange ones to match my boots.

Stance, stance width, binding angles: goofy, just as wide as it goes on the board, front +21° / back –21°

Sponsors: Volcom, Forum, Electric, Nixon, Nokia

What's so special about the board you ride? I like the pop that it gives me, but it's not too stiff.

What about your boots? I like them pretty soft, and I am riding these boots because they got special colours made for me.

What do you look for in your bindings? I don't like them too complicated. Mostly I ride the standard binding.

What's so dope about the outerwear you're rocking? I like it colourful – that gives a good feeling – and it's got to be big so I can move good.

What one other item do you always go riding with? Nothing really. I don't need anything more than my board and stuff.