When: 17.-19.03.2010

Where: Mayerhofen, Penken Park

The Oakley Jib-Vid contest is on! Given 28 hours with 2 of your friends in one of Europe's top resorts, could you create a 2-minute short film that showcases amazing riding, arty shots and an interesting storyline? That's the challenge 18 teams are currently facing on the slopes of Mayrhofen during the sixth edition of Europe's premier riding and filming contest, the Oakley Jib-Vid.


What else could we do but drive down towards some fresh powder in Mayrhofen, and meet the crews over a couple of drinks last night. We chatted with Joonas Mustonen, Tyler Chrolton, organiser Graham McVoy and many others about their plan (if they had one) for the next 28 hours. Unbelievably, one team even aims for a shred remake of the Matrix. Judge yourself what team has it in them to get a share of the 10,000 Euro prize purse!

More information on the event's website.