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Catching up with Eero Ettala.

[Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi.]

Onboard caught up with one of the finest shreds in the game to get the skinny on his haps, his TV show and his summer plans. Yo Eero. Whats up?

Yo buddy. I am doing good, just finished off my season and now recovering from my 1st of May party, haha.

Where are you right now?

I am at home in Helsinki right now, and leaving for Bali in 1 week or so. Stoked!

What’s going on in Finland? Isn’t it Wappulounas time?

Actually we went there [to Ruka] one week before the Wappulounas contest for the Ruka Spring Break party. It was pretty wild too, but we got some cool footage riding the park. This year I didn’t have the balls to go to Wappulounas anymore, it gets too wild there… too old for that shit, haha.

Every Finnish guy I know always says “Dude, you have to come to Wappoulounas!” What’s the big deal with that thing?

Well, if you are into drinking and snowboarding, it’s the paradise. Every snowboarder should experience it at least once in their life!

And now is it chill time, or do you head on to more spring/summer sessions?

Yeah, well now I am done for a couple months, and in July I am going to head to the States and Canada for some signature summer camp stuff.

You’ve had the opening or closing part in Mack Dawg’s movies the last few years. What was your reaction when you heard they wouldn’t be dropping a regular film for 0910?

Well, in a way I was stoked too. I think a lot of riders on the crew needed a change… I felt like I was doing the same old stuff year after year, and it wasn’t that interesting anymore. I had a 4 solid years with MDP and I was stoked to do something else for this year!

You got this project going on with Oakley now, though. Can you tell us more? How did that come up and what’s it going to be all about?

Well, at first I was thinking about having a year off from filming but then my team manager from Oakley called me up and offered me this opportunity to film a TV show with a bunch of Oakley riders. It’s going to be a 6 episode TV show based around my season, so i basically pick Oakley riders for each trips i am going on… I went to Russia with Eiki Helgason and Erik Botner, Canada with Danny Kass and Torstein Horgmo and so on… It’s been a cool opportunity to be able to ride with riders I never rode with before! It’s going to air in 14 different countries, I think, so it’s sort of a big deal. Stoked.

We came up with a killer name for it that would work sick in Japan: Herro Eero. Do we get the 10% now or later?

I will give you 50% now… NOOOOOOT. Yeah that would be a sick name, but too bad the name is already decided. It’s gonna be called Tracking Eero.

How is Herro Eero going to be distributed? TV show? DVD? IMAX?

It’s gonna be a 6 episode TV show… but out of all the best footage we got on these trips we are planning on making an Oakley movie so I am not sure how that is going to be distributed yet. Maybe DVD, maybe internet. We will see.

Like Mack Dawg, Storbis aren’t doing a movie this year either. But you have the head Storbonaut Rasmus Tikkanen following you around and filming for your thang. How’s that been? Keeping the Storbis gayness alive?

Yeah he makes me ride in my Speedos… thank god not. Of course it’s been sick having a good friend and a Finnish gay around all the time! Makes my life easier too, I don’t have to travel alone all the time!

How did your winter go on the whole? Were you mainly focussing on your project?

My winter was really good, a couple minor injuries but nothing too serious that would keep me out for too long. I did a couple contests and the rest of the season I just gave my best for this project!

There was heaps of snow in Europe, did you manage to get any of that or were you mostly in the US?

Actually I didn’t ride even one day of that refreshing Euro pow. Too bad, I heard it was killer there all the time. But I got to enjoy pow in Japan and Canada for some time… and some Russian goodies.

You didn’t seem to ride to many contests last season. How come?

It seems like year after year I ride less contests. I just try to pick the most important ones, so this year I did the X-Games and Toyota Big Air of the big comps. I just put so much time into filming and doing contests is just not so fun for me.

A few years back you dropped the double bs rodeo 1080 on us. Are you working on anything new? Switch triple backies?

Hahahah… You’re not the first one to ask me that. I’ve been trying that trick few times but I believe it has its time and place when it will happen. No stress, haha.

Couple quickies… Facebook or Myspace?


Burger or Salad?


Jackson or Maiden?

Neither one.

Jack or Coke?


Back 1 or front 3?

Back 1.

Swim or sauna?


Salmiak or sugar?

Salmiakki of course!!

Ok, thanks for your time Eero.

No problemo, take it easy cheese face!

Click to check the teaser for Tracking Eero on the Oakley site.


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