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Catching Up with Basa Stevulova.

Basa Stevulova. Photo: Matt Georges.

We first met this Slovakian Roxy rider when we travelled to Turkey a few years back and she quickly won us over with her Eastern European accent, mischevous sense of humour and smooth skills on jibs and kickers. Photos don’t lie – she’s far from a she-male – but she certainly ain’t no powderpuff snow bunnie either (on one hungover chairlift ride at the Burton European Open last year, our photo ed was feeling the post-booze fear to which Basa replied “Pathetic.” Smack!) and she’s no fear of taking a beating, dusting herself off and hiking back up time and time again to get the shot. ‘Good work ethic’, ‘dedicated’ and ‘hard as nails’ might be Eastern Euro stereotypes, but they certainly ring true for the Stevulova-lova… Onboard’s Tom Copsey caught up with her.

Onboard: Afternoon Basa, or should I say ‘Ahoj’?

Basa Stevulova: If you speak Slovakian you should… Ahoj.

OB: Sadly not. Where are you right now? And are you sitting, lying, standing or doing yoga?

BS: I’m in Innsbruck at Aline [Bock]’s place sitting in her kitchen drinking tea and doing nothing else the whole day.

OB: If Innsbruck’s anything like Munich right now it’s super cold and feeling wintery. Have you had a chance to ride yet this season?

BS: The weather is horrible. I’m not in the mood to do anything, not even go riding unless there is half meter of fresh powder. Tomorrow we go with Aline to Arlberg so hopefully we will get some powder.

OB: On a rating scale based on gastronomy, how excited are you for the coming winter, with 1 being last night’s pizza with stray pubes and fag ash in and 10 being a gourmet banquet in a chateaux with champagne and all that jazz?

BS: Hahah. Tonight I go for sushi with friends and that’s probably how much I’m looking forward for winter as well, because I’m so hungry and I can’t wait. Is that like an 8?

OB: Yes. Were you riding over the summer or cruising the beach eyeing up the manimals?

BS: No riding for me this summer and I enjoyed it so much. I had the best summer of my life I think. Two months surfing, one month in Bratislava partying, swimming and chilling with my friends. Now I’m more motivated for riding.

Backside 180. Photo: Matt Georges.

OB: Right on. And will you be basing yourself out of Innsbruck this season?

BS: No base for me this year again. I don’t really want to stick to one place. I’m gonna buy a season pass for Tirol so for sure I’ll be around here for some time but not too long.

OB: So do you have a rough outline of what you’re gonna do this winter?

BS: No plans, really. I wanna do some TTR contest, for sure both Roxy Chicken Jams, but besides that I would really like to shoot more then ride contests. Hopefully I will get some days of shooting with Margot [Rozies] and Matt [Georges]. That would be fawesome.

OB: Is fawsome like fucking awesome or is it a sex thing with 3 other people?

BS: I’m not allowed to swear so we say fawesome or felicious… instead of f**king awesome or f**king delicious, but fepic felcious and fawesome is fucking awesome.

OB: Ok then. You’ve travelled to some pretty interesting places over the last couple of years – Turkey two winters ago and Morocco last year. Are these kinda trips something you’re instinctively drawn to, and where would you like to head to this year that’s on the road less travelled?

BS: Yes, we went there for Roxy photoshoots and it was fawesome. Usually I don’t get to travel to those places on your own for snowboarding and it was really exciting. Both trips were completely different. I would actually love it if the girls would come to Slovakia this year if there is enough snow, so let’s see. As for trips in the future I’d like to go snowboarding to everywhere where I haven’t been yet. That’s lot of places, hahah.

OB: Damn. Thought you might have always wanted to ride in Kazakhstan with Borat or something….

BS: If I sound like Borat it doesn’t mean I wanna go riding there.

Onboard: Obviously we visited you in Slovakia last year. Does it always snow so much in Jasna?

BS: Last winter there was a lot of snow everywhere and in Slovakia as well. But every year I go to ride a powder there and it’s fepic.

OB: If you didn’t have to leave Slovakia to get shots and enter contests would you just stay there for winters? We thought it was real good terrain. With pow, mind you.

BS: Honestly I wouldn’t because besides the terrain you have seen, which is so good for powder… there is not much more. And if you want to ride parks and seriously improve you need to travel to other countries.

OB: That’s true. The park wasn’t really up to much unfortunately…

BS: So far serious questions, hehe.

Slashin' pow. Photo: Matt Georges.

OB: If you’re bored of serious questions, let’s switch it up. Who would you least like to get into a fistfight with of the Roxy team?

BS:  Margot [Rozies] and Aline [Bock]. They are pretty muscled, hahaha.

OB: Margot’s such a nice person but I’ve seen her give people looks when she’s pissed that give me the fear… What’s worse: grabbing Tindy or Tailfish?

BS:  Tailfish haha. That’s stupid question…

OB: You asked for it. Do you think vampires get AIDS?

BS: You mean those in Twilight?

OB: Yep, them lot. Drinking all that blood without a condom on. Irresponsible.

OB: Drinking blood without condom? Where are those thoughts coming from? You are a freak.

OB: But do you think vampires can get AIDS?

BS: Maybe they can smell that some people are ill, no? You wouldn’t smell good to him if you would have some disease. So I don’t think so.

OB: Can fat people go skinny dipping?

BS: I saw so many in Seignosse on the nude beach. Lots of naked people. Skinny, fat, hairy, tanned, white, ugly, pretty. Yes they can.

OB: But should they be allowed to?

BS: Can you imagine if fat people wouldn’t be allowed to do things because they are fat? Me not.

Backside lipslide.

OB: You’re in a gondola and it breaks down. Who is the one person you’d absolutely hate to be stuck in the lift with?

BS: It’s a group of tourist that were drinking schnapps on the mountain and now they are going down and they stink like hell.

OB: Jesus, that would be shit. If you had a choice of dinner date from anyone in the world who has ever lived, who would you take and why?

BS: No celebs and no boys. I think it would be my grandma. Too serious, hm? But soooo true.

OB: What’s the weirdest thing anyone’s ever said to you?

BS: Haha, nothing’s coming to my mind.

OB: If you had the power to ban anything in snowboarding, what would you ban?

BS: I know what would I ban in snowboarding and skiing, I would ban all the girls in super baggy pants. It’s so ugly.

OB: What are you gonna do when after this? Straight to Facebook?

BS: I will go take a shower and get ready for dinner but before I will check Facebook for sure.

OB: And what does your Facebook status say right now?

BS: No status… but last time it said ‘I’m in Munich’. I don’t write stuff like, ‘Oooh today is sunny and I go snowboarding with my boyfriend or that I’m watching movie with a boy.’ I’m not updating it every hour but I know some people that do, even snowboarders, and its pretty funny to read it sometimes.

Powder bouncing back home in Slovakia. Photo: Matus Rendek.

OB: OK, last thing… I say something and you have to say the first thing that comes in your mind. The first thing. Don’t think. … … … SNOW.

BS: Arlberg tomorrow.


BS: Surfing.


BS: (Laughs naughtily).


BS: Girls in toilet.


BS: Boyfriend and girlfriend.


BS: Me, hahaha.


BS: You, hahaha.


BS: Sushi.


BS: Sharing.

Frontside 360. Photo: Matt Georges.


BS: Breakfast.


BS: White wine.

OB: We’d love one Basa if you’re getting them in. I think we’re done here.

BS: Fawesome. Thank you so much!

OB: Thank you, Basa. Always a pleasure. See you soon.

Photo: Matt Georges.


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