Lengths: 144, 148, 152, 152W, 156, 156W, 159

CAPiTA are a brand that have managed to combine their rich heritage in both snowboarding and art to create by far the scariest Super Corporation the industry has yet to see. Happily, when they're not devouring everything they find the time to make killer boards with a super-distinctive graphical treatment. The vaguely pop-arty Stairmaster is a prime example. Designed to be accessible and affordable for all comers, its freestyle bent comes from the even flex, true twin shape, radial sidecut and centred stance. Manouevrability has always been high on this boards list of 'must-dos' and the softer flex pattern will allow you to easily work your way around the park. They've even increased the number of lengths and widths for 0708 so the Stairmaster can appeal to even more riders.

€299.99 www.capitasnowboarding.com