Burton UnInc

Men’s freestyle 152/154/156/158/160

The team driven UnInc once again delivers independent innovations in this all-mountain freestyle dominator, and each length bearing its own sick design depending on the shred dawg who rides it. Coming with the new Park Fly III core, you get unmatched strength-to-weight ratio and a torsionally reactive flex that’s stable at all speeds, giving you ultimate rail and kicker control. Like Viagra, the ultra-light Carbon I-Beam backbone gives the board added longitudinal snap for enhanced riding enjoyment, and the new super lightweight Varpolite 2*Disc enhances the energy transfer from the binding to the board allowing you to adjust your stance in half-inch increments.

Triax Response Fiberglass provides increased torsional stiffness for precise carving and superior edge hold and the robust construction – Infinite Ride – guarantees you have longtime pop. Favoured by RDM, JP Solberg and Gigi Rüf, and you if you try one.