Photo: Alex Roberts

Ben Kilner is a 19-year-old Scotsman with a penchant for pipe who blew up on the scene in 2005 by winning the halfpipe and slopestyle contests in the juniors category of the British Championships. Since then, and before he was travelling in the midst of the carnival we like to call the World Cup. More recently he qualified himself for the US Grand Prix, which as everyone knows is a pretty big deal and a step towards recognition in the professional world of snowboarding. Right now he’s certainly one of the finest pipe riders to come out of the UK and can more than hold his own with some of the continental shredders, and now his kicker skills are getting finely honed too. He draws his style, attitude and motivation from none-other but recently retired bundle of energy and comedy; Travis Parker. It’s all about having fun! Right? Tweak till your ankles break!

Age: 19 Stance: Regular Hometown: Banchory, Scotland Favourite resort: Breckenridge Best trick: Backflip One trick you wanna get locked down but havent quite yet: Frontside 10 in the Pipe Sponsors: K2 Snow, Billabong, Von Zipper, MacDonalds, Vans, Nixon, Grenade Gloves, Granite Reef, Peterkins Solicitors Board: K2 Zepplin 158 Boots: Vans BFB Bindings: K2 Formula Goggles: VZ Sizzle Outerwear: Billabong

What is your shred stick of choice, and why you ride that particular one? K2 Zepplin 158 because it is a great all mountain freestyle board and copes brilliantly on rails, pipe and kickers.

Do you share your love with one or more boards depending on conditions or what kind of terrain you are riding? I sometimes switch to the K2 Darkstar for park riding. I usually use the Zepplin for pipe and powder. I have also been trying out the K2 Believer which is another great development from K2.

Many people break in their board by detuning and whatnot. Yourself? No de-tuning for me. I ride it out of the box.

What's your take on the whole cap strap deal? Do you use them or prefer the old school strappies? I prefer the classic binding (old school) but K2 have developed some great revolutionary bindings which I have been field testing.

Binding angles? Forward Lean? +16 F -15 B. 8 degrees forward lean on both.

What kind of boots do you use to keep your feet from hurting, falling off, breaking, getting beaten to a bloody pulp? I use the Vans BFB, soft enough to be comfortable but still stiff enough to give the rigidity I need for aggressive riding.

What does your outerwear situation look like? Any cool little nifty tech details you want to tell us about? No gangster for me. I like to look good which makes me feel good but comfort and protection from the weather is a must. Billabong meet my needs perfectly.

How about eyewear? What keeps out the sun's death rays? I wear the Von Zipper Sizzle. Great styling and colours with a multitude of lenses and perfect for the helmet which is essential, and Von Zipper has got to be the coolest name.

What kind of goodies and necessities would we find in your backpack for a day of riding? Do you even use a backpack? Usually have a couple of cans of Red Bull (gives me wings), a shovel (never know when a building opportunity may arise) spare pair of gloves and goggles and my helmet. Sun screen, health food bars, water.

What is the one thing you just can't do without when snowboarding? My friends!