The Ästhetiker's Mone Monsberger talks us through his riding gear.

Name: Andreas Monsberger.

Hometown: Zillertal, Austria.

Sponsors: K2, Planet Earth, Vans, SP, Smith, Skull Candy, Pow gloves, and Ästhetiker!!!

If you had space for only one board to take on a trip, which would it be? That’s a really hard question! But I would say I’d take my skateboard, for sure!!!

Do you usually change your board length for different conditions, and if so, what is your park board and pow machine? I usually don’t change my board. I ride the K2 Zeppelin all over the mountain and the park, but if I go jibbing I take the K2 WWW 152.

What is your stance? Regular. +15° in the front and about -3° on the back.

What is so rad about riding for K2? That the boards are really good! And the company is all about riding mountains!!!

Which bindings do you rock? I ride SP Bindings, the Ästhetiker Model!

Are your chosen boots stiff or pretty soft? What are your chosen boots? And do you crank up your laces or ride with them pretty loose? I have the Vans BFB (BFB means: best fucking boot). They are not stiff and not super soft. I would say they're iin the middle.

What pants and jacket are you sporting? And are there any special features in them that particularly turn you on? I am riding Planet Earth clothing. I have a few different ones I am using but I have to say I'm pretty stoked with all of them!

Do you layer up with technical base layers and all that jazz or just wear a hoody and not give a damn that cotton stays wet? I wear some technical layers. It feels much more comfortable.

Do you wear protection such as helmet and or pads when snowboarding? I am getting used to wear helmets now. I have been looking at all the kids – they all wear helmet so I thought the kids are pretty smart actually! Not so easy to get used to it when you’ve never worn one, but if you’ve got brain you should protect it!

How many pairs of goggle lenses do you go through in a season? And what are your frames of choice? I wear Smith goggles. I have 2 goggles with me all the time and a few spare lenses. I like to have a extra one when one gets wet!! It is important to have good visibility!

What one thing do you really hate as far as clothing or steeze goes for snowboarders? Everybody should wear what ever they want!