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To the non-snowboarder, a statement like ‘I’m over frolicking around in warm, sunny weather… is it winter yet?’ would elicit confused looks and a billion exclamations. What these people don’t realise is that while your average Joe is scoffing his face with strawberries and cream, we spend the long summer months waiting to strap back onto our snowboards to get face-fulls of delicious fluffy powder. It just tastes far sweeter.

But despite our longing for winter, snowboarders are pretty good at making the most of those sweaty months anyway. Skateboarding and surfing are two of the closest things to snow sliding and unsurprisingly, many professional snowboarders are also incredibly handy on two trucks and four wheels.

There are far too many to ever include all of them on this list but click through for 10 and a half snowboarders who also kill it on skateboards.

[part title='Forest Bailey']

Forest Bailey is perhaps best known for his parts in the Givin movies and for bossing the Burton Rail Days event in Tokyo last year. This full part was shot in Salt Lake City around the Premiere of Givin’s ‘Too’ – not bad for just four days of filming eh?

[part title='The Helgasons']

Other than the thought of being force-fed rotten shark meat by our mothers and dressing up as Vikings, we can’t really imagine what growing up in Iceland would be like. Turns out that if you’re the Helgasons, you spend your days skating when the ground isn’t covered in snow and snowboarding when it is.

Yep, you’ve guessed it; the brothers Helgason are pretty handy on skateboards and are both sponsored by Scandi skate brand Kaleidoscope. This edit was slapped together for Go Skaeboarding Day 2009 and although it’s just them pissing about, believe us when we tell you that they’ve got the staple tricks on lock too.

Seeing as it’d be mean to ignore one of the brothers and overkill to include both on this list separately, we decided to call them one and a half people. Which isn’t weird at all…

[part title='Scott Stevens']

If we had the opportunity to spend a day in Scott Stevens’ head we’d jump at it like an infant jumps at his mama’s titty for a warm, yummy brew. The guy’s a creative force on his snowboard and he’s no different on the ol’ skateboard either.

He also happens to KILL IT on a tramp skate.

[part title='Eero Ettala']

When he's not switch double backflipping over skate bowls in the winter time, all-round Finnish bossman Eero Ettala is skating inside them in the summer. Much like his clean, efficient snowboard style, Eero is also super consistent on a skateboard - as this DVS edit of him at an indoor park in LA clearly shows.

[part title='Roope Tonteri']

Roope Tonteri is equally at home sending cab 1440s over the biggest jumps in X Games slopestyle courses as he his kickflipping massive gaps on his skateboard. Here's a mini skate part featuring the multi-talented Finn and yep, he's almost as good on the skateboard as he is at sending it the bar...

[part title='Jed Anderson']

Jed Anderson. The kid is a big deal in snowboarding. His board control and precision is almost second to none and it as it turns out, he is also sickeningly good at skating. This is his most recent skate part shot in his hometown of Calgary and it’s pretty much as legit as these ‘snowboarders who skate’ edits come. Our buddies over at Kingpin magazine even posted it.

Oh, and did we mention that he skates regular and snowboards goofy?

[part title="Fredrik Austbo and Iouri Podladtchikov"]

We get to kill two birds with one stone (hate that phrase, have to admit) with this one because both Norwegian boss Freddy Austbo and Olympic gold medallist Iouri Podladtchikov kill it on skateboards and both feature in this edit from Laax. They're both more transition specialists when it comes to snowboarding so there's little surprise that that's also mirrored in their skateboarding.

[part title="Jeremy Jones"]

You only need to remember Jeremy Jones' intro segment to his part in Shakedown to know that he's a pretty solid on a trucks and four wheels. He's got those hubba tricks down to a tee by the looks of things, and this was way back in 2003.

[part title="Shaun White"]

Whatever your opinion is on Shuan White on snow, you can't get away from the fact that the dude straight kills it on a skateboard. 5 X Games medals (2 gold) don't lie folks, and we'll leave it at that.

[part title="Ozzy Henning"]

If killing it on his snowboard wasn’t enough, turns out that Ozzy Henning rips on a skateboard too! Check out his full skate part here.

Have we missed any glaringly obvious riders who rip on skateboards? Leave a comment with a video link below and if we think they're good enough we'll add 'em to the list!