Union Bindings have teamed up with fine booze merchants Pabst Blue Ribbon (aka Hipster beer) to produce these super-limited edition binders based on their all-conquering Contact model. Now we are offering you the chance to win a pair. Get involved.

As they say, “DRINK PABST". Sadly we're not from Portland and our pants are not spray-on, but nevertheless these are one kick-ass pair of binders with a design lifted from the iconic American beer brand. And we're not going to lie: we do love beer. Based on the Contact chassis, the PBR binding features the all-new Team highback, 3D Multi-Layer Tapered straps, and a Lifetime Baseplate warranty. These gubbins, combined with the fact that we've yet to ride in a better pair of bindings than Unions, should make you want to get in the mix to win these bad boys. Correctly answer the question below, have a bit with our RNG, and they could be yours.

If you're struggling, the correct answer can be found on the Union Bindings Facebook page. Just saying...