For TSA's February competition with Onboardsnowboarding.com, the guys have teamed up with Union to bring you not one but two storming prizes. Up for grabs there are a pair of Union Super Pros and POW (Protect Our Winters) snowboard bindings. With two prizes up for grabs they have doubled the odds of winning! One lucky winner will walk off with the POW bindings and the other winner will get a treat with a set of Super Pro bindings.

For those who didn't know let's fill you in: Union are the shiznit. Onboard have buddied up with 'em the last two years to bring the Onboard/Union collaboration binding (which you can try to win elsewhere) and these are the two-strappers the crew shred with. Never been happier with bindings. Both the Super Pro and POW binding were developed in the Union Custom House, a division creating truly limited edition and unique bindings. The POW collaboration utilises recycled materials where possible to minimise environmental impact while the Super Pro packs performance and turns heads with a striking purple paint job.

For you chance to win one of these pair of Unions just answer this question.


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