With this season's Swatch TTR World Tour entering its final chapter as the season-ending US Open gets underway, we've gotten our filthy paws on some tidy TTR schmutter that we're giving away to you.

The US Open is the season's final 6-star event and is traditionally where the riders in the hunt for the title have their last shot at amassing enough points to be crown the season's champ. However, Peetu Piiroinen put a spanner in those works by being just too damned good and winning outright ahead of time at the Oakley Arctic Challenge. C'mon Peetu, let the tour have its drama next time will ya?

To celebrate Peetu's unrivaled surge to the top and this season's contest schedule coming to an end, we've got some exclusive limited edition TTR TSG helmets, TTR Swatch watches and TTR Zimtstern beanies up for grabs.

There's three packs of helmet, watch and beanie goodness that'll be going out to three people who correctly answer the following question and get lucky with the Random Number Generator. Here's the brain buster... and the Swatch TTR World Tour site might help if you're stumped.