Become an Onboard Contributor

Do you often read articles in print or on the web and think ‘I could do this. Way better!’? Are you into snowboarding, like, a bunch? Can you tell a halfpipe from a pole jam? Do people compliment you on your smartass wit? If, on top of this, you also live in Europe then you might already have what it takes to win a Ticket to Write and become a regular Onboard writer. We’re after Euro-based varmints that are hyped on shredding, know the score and can voice their opinions in a legit manner. If you’re thinking ‘That’s me,’ here’s how you get involved:

- Choose a shred topic (could be your local scene, a contest, a park, a rider, a trick, a product or whatever else you are itching to talk about) and write something on it. Don’t hold back on jokes, opinion and witty remarks.

- Keep it short, say 300 words max. We accept entries in English, German, French and Spanish.

- Send it to thecrew@onboardmag.com with the subject “Ticket to Write". Deadline is September 30, 2010.

We'll then select the best entries and award them with a Ticket to Write. This means we will share a piece of our hallowed mag with you as we get you to inform the world on the haps in your scene, get you AAA at events, buy you booze and generally make you the official Onboard wordmonkey.

How does that sound for you? Now, have at it!