Rusty have teched the hell out of the humble hoody so you can pump tuns through the earphones worked into the drawstrings. And we've got three of these Rusty Wired hoodies to give away, so get involved!

Rusty made its welcome return to snowboarding recently (anyone remember the Rusty Battle in Falun from years back?), and with a team including Romain De Marchi and Stian Solberg at the forefront the kit's gonna be legit - the tech outerwear we've seen for next year is looking proper tasty.

But these fleece Wired hoodys are more for wearing beneath the or wearing stone cold chilling in. The Wired series features HB3 Technology which integrates headphones into the draw cords and a jack in the pocket through which you can connect your music player to pipe your tunes into your brain box, and they're fully machine washable, too, which makes it sound like there's some voodoo juju going on.

And we've got three up for grabs to be won. If you're a dude, you'll get the guy's one and if you're a girl you'll get the women's.

All you need to do is answer this question and have a bit of luck with the RNG. Get involved!