It’s time for the third TSA competition with Onboardsnowboarding.com and thanks to those triple bases whiz kids at Bataleon you can now get your hands on a super limited edition snowboard.

The MJ Badaleon only came about because you guys wanted it BAD. It's constructed like a speced up crossbreed between a slightly narrower Evil Twin and a Goliath with an adjusted insert pattern and wood core profiling so it becomes a true twin setup. It's got a smooth synthduded base that is great for practising moonwalks. The no-nose shape is actually just a bad joke - of course the board has a nose: a Triple Base Nose! Which is the best nose job for your snowboard, shamone! If you want this uber-limited edition snowboard in your life then, just answer this question...


Get the MJ Badaleon lowdown here http://www.bataleon.com/mj/