We've got three dope as hell F' It packages up for grabs. Try bag yourself one.

F' It, the latest Forum/Special Blend/Foursquare team movie in a long and distinguished line which stretches back to The Resistance, has got to be one of our favourite movies of the year. Blending heavy shredding with funtimes, an epic soundtrack and tight editing, you can't really fault it and when they started dropping the TGIF' It webisodes, well, we were double stoked.

So when we got this package in - 3 x F' It DVDs, beanies, tees and hoodies - we were tempted to keep 'em to ourselves, but it's Christmas, init. Hence we're putting them out there for you to win. Yep, 3 of you who can answer the following question correctly will bag the movie and the clobber. Answer this...