Headphones are among the best inventions since introduction of highbacks. Not only do headphones keep you pumped in the park all day, they are also great for putting on that gangsta pace in the mall or shunning out annoying teens in the tube. And to commemorate their awesomeness we are giving away two pairs of the brand spanking new WeSC Bongo headphones. Thanks once again to the WeAre guys, who donated them and also happen to have some exclusive WeSC models in their WeSC Headphone Online Shop.

Now here's what's special about the bongos: They feature a hands free system for taking phone calls with your iPhone, Blackberry, or Palm (as long as it comes with a 3.5mm plug). No more missed calls when putting your iPhone to 11!


More technical bric-a-brac:

Type: 40 mm power drivers

1kHz sensitivity: 120 dB

Impedance: 32 ohms

Frequence Range: 20 – 20001 Hz

Plug: gold-plated 3,5 mm stereo

Cord: 0,3 m + 1,0 m extension, PVC Cord

Weight: 147 g

Hands free technical specifications:

Type: Microphone: Omni-directional

Microphone sensitivity: -58 dB

Microphone power: DC 4,5 V

Microphone frequency: 20 – 20001 Hz

Plug: gold-plated 3,5 mm stereo

Cord: 1,0 m, PVC Cord

Weight: 13 g

SRP: 69.90 €