You ride a Nitro board? Then this one's for you:

Nitro just kicked off an interesting video competition called "I Ride Nitro". It's a bit complicated, so without causing unnecessary confusion I let the Nitro peeps speak:

We give all Amateur Riders the chance to be part of an official Nitro Video published on our website and online. It is very easy to participate, just download our "I Ride Nitro" Name-Sign PDF-Document from our website and print it out at home.

Before you start filming fill out that pdf with your current nitro board model. The clips has to start with you holding up the pdf so that we can see what you ride. Afterwards you can show us your favorite trick. You should not do more than max. 3 tricks. One trick is absolutely fine as well. Once you finished editing your clip upload it on youtube or vimeo and send us the link to!

Please check the additional requirements to participate:

- only submit HD videos (min. 1280 x 720 px)

- we just accept Youtube or Vimeo video links

- always show the printed name sign at the beginning of your video for a couple of seconds.

- send us your name to write the right caption to your part

- Files preferred as .mov or .mp4 and not bigger than 1 GB

- please film some seconds before and after the trick

I ride Nitro_Startscreenthumb