O'Neill have come up with a pretty tech bit o' social media competitioning with some awesome prizes to be won. Read all about it...

Social networking. It's like the new messiah, with all and sundry bowing down before the heavenly glory of Zuckerberg's blue-tinged data mine. Aaaannyway, O'Neill have come up a pretty cool thing that sure beats stalking your ex... with some neat prizes up for grabs for those who win.

Simply enter your digits in the Destination Unknown app thing (you might have to Like their Facebook page first) and it'll work its magic to convert your number into GPS coordinates. If this lands you in a mountain resort you could be off to a Destination Unknown for a backcountry trip with freerider Mitch Toelderer with all the trimmings. That's the big 'un, but there's also a full set of Jeremy Jones' pro model O'Neill outerwear, and some other individual bits of outerwear and earcans to be won.

More details and all that jazz over on the app. Check it out.