nitro plant a tree1

Nitro joined forces with the Forest Community of Oberammergau to give the environment a little treat. To get all of you on the train to giving back to nature they came up with something special: Everyone who posts a photo of themselves and a nitro backpack on to Nitro's Facebook page or sends it directly to Nitro, supports the project and commissions Nitro to plant a tree. Additionally every submission has the chance to win, even your whole class could!

- Grab a NITRO backpack and get someone to take a photo, selfies are welcome too

- Post the picture immediately or end of september 2014 the latest at or onto your own timeline and tag NITRO Bags

- tag the photo with #plantatree and #nitrobags

- you can also send the photo via e-mail to

- for every submitted photo NITRO Bags plants a tree

- the three photos with the most likes win a complete set of NITRO Bags worth 500, 300 and 200 €

- if you post a photo for your whole class and you get the most likes everyone of your class mates will get a backpack + a pencil case

Grab your Nitro bag, do a good deed and win!