One of the things that puzzles us is that you haven't been all over the Analog Design Unlikely Features competition yet. Officially, the comp closes this Sunday, 15 January 2012, and we are yet waiting for the one banging obstacle that will get turned into reality.

Submit your designs to Anything you can convert into a jpeg not bigger than 2MB goes - sketches, CAD drawings, oil paintings, you name it, they'll judge it! The most creative, build-able, and of course rideable feature will win, get built, and its creator sent to the DUF Jam to ride and party with the AG team.

Here are some of the current submissions. Surely you can do better!? Now get your pens out, will ya, and come up with your feature of dreams. Last year's US winner was a very slick and simple design, and the Euro version quite a fancy stair setup. Anything goes, anything can win. Get creative!