Strewth, Aussie outerwear mob 3CS have dressed up the Nitro 'Swindle' with their 'Vader' jacket! We’ve got the board and jacket up for grabs. 3CS have even thrown a 'Squirrel Sac' in for good measure.

Nitro’s mightier than the sword Railkiller edge gives the rider confidence to take on any banister while the Scratch & Rip base technology on the Swindle allows all you rail warriors to show off your battle scars. To top it all off the Swindle’s been wrapped up super snug with 3CS’s Vader jacket graphic. A limited edition combo that was actually only launched in the Southern Hemisphere, the home of 3CS, and only made it to Europe three times - so you're guaranteed to be the only one rocking this baby on the mountains...

If you'd fancy that, just answer the following question for your chance to win.


If you’re struggling check out the 3CS website.