This year the Brits has being the best yet. I have enjoyed it all. I have been there for two weeks and the 1st week it just snowed every day, but i had some great powder days.

The second week was the week of the Brits, I did really well winning halfpipe, Big Air and Slopestyle in my category. I was so stoked to get into the finals for all these events.

The slopestyle was amazing and the standard of riding was really good and keeps getting better. I had a really good run in slopestyle which included a frontside 360 tail tap over the barrel jib, a disaster on the wall-ride followed by a backside to fakie on the box and a cab 720 and alley oop rodeo in the haffpipe. Over the kickers I stomped a cab 900 into a backside 720 and frontside 720. I was so happy to come first overall in slopestyle as i got second overall the year before.

It has being a great week and thanks to Jools Smith for getting some great photos.


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