Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a good transfer into 2009

I arrived in Whistler during the last days of 2008 just in time to witness the week-long snowfalls that havent stopped to this day. My friend Kim from Osiris also came here for her winter vacation so my first week back in town was full of action and anything but boring.

I still don't have my own place here so I took Kim couch-surfing with me. Way to get an impression of my life, right?! Thanks so much to the couch owners :)

At least I had my truck though, which started up fine first try. There are a few little issues, like the passenger door doesn't open and you cant lock it at all, but it gets me from A to B even in a snowstorm and that is actually the most fun to drive that thing anyways.

Then I picked up my season pass for Whistler Blackcomb! So stoked. Can't wait to get to know this mountain throughout the season because right now I basically know no good runs and always end up on mogul slopes for some reason. The park is looking really good but with all this fresh snow around I don't even wanna get close to the park. There is just too much to explore.

It has been really avalanchy though so I have been riding real careful. That is also why I haven't even picked up my sled from my friend's yard yet. I'm not going sledding until the snow settles a bit. There is just too much freshies and it slides like crazy right now. Gonna get that sled real soon though because the forecast says it's gonna rain and I don't wanna deal with a frozen sled in the back of a frozen yard.

So for New Year's we hung out at this local's bar and then went to the village for midnight to watch the fireworks and some band played in the background. Then back to the local's bar and into the Fairmont Hotel. Got on a bus just to figure out it is going somewhere totally different from where we wanted to go but at least the circle only took 20 minutes and we were back at the spot where we got in.

I missed BC sushi so much that I had sushi almost every day :) Samurai Sushi, Sushi Village and my new favorite: Nagomi Sushi at the Fairmont!

I will keep you updated on whats happening here in Whistler !!!