What a mission! We arrived late at night in Whistler, ready to check out the resort about 5 hours later. With a base of about 3m the crew was motivated from tip to toe,but unfortunately the quality of the snow was crap. The days before it was raining quite heavy even up to the summit, leaving us a bulletproof mountain. Up on the hill we teamed up with Zimtstern Rider Jeff Pepperdine for a bad weather park session, while Hannes cut the video and Luggi recovering from Mt.Seymour.

The next day the heavy rain forced us to stay in our mobile homes. Rain finally turned into snow! The snowfall continued through out the next day. After some sweet Treeruns with Johnny Lyall, we headed for the the Superpipe in the Blackcomb park which was in excellent conditions. Later that night Aesthetiker Friedl Kolar, Steve Gruber and CK showed up to check out our RVs before leaving to Squamish to their filmcrew “Yeahh".