Finally I find myself the time to write on this new blog!

Just got back home to Finland from New Zealand, oh man, the whole travel took me like 40 hours. I am pretty beat right now. The trip was really fun though, the main purpose of the trip was to test some new Oakley outerwear! I Have to say that the stuff is pretty damn rad and works sick! This was my first time in NZ, got to tell you guys, that place is beautiful, can't wait already to go again! We rode there in three different resorts, but Snowpark was by far my favourite of all of them! They had a sick pipe, rails and jumps! Now I will get to chill one week at home, skate a lot, then I will fly over to the USA to check out the MDP premier and for the TWS rider poll ­ I got nominated for the mens rider of the year, so it will be me, Shaun White and Andreas Wiig fighting for the title. Then come back from there for one week again and then head to Zurich for the! That should be a super fun event, so be sure if you are on the neighbourhood to come and check it out! But I will be updating this blog soon again!!! Peace.