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What, more snow?

The old faithful goggle lens shot of the crew in the motor.

This dumpage is seemingly relentless…

Joonas about to dick around in the trees.

I am not usually a good-snow charm. If anything it seems I have a jinx-like quality when it comes to the great white spuff in normal non-work circumstances, however when we do trips, or even go to contests, on statistically significant occasion the forecast for snow is always so-so, but then we get there and it pukes like a clip-cloppy short-skirted English bird after too many Smirnoff Ices of a Saturday night.

And Matti, about to do the same. If we’d had no work to do this could have been one of the funnest days ever. Please stop that heart from bleeding…

Here has been no different. Occasionally, frustratingly so. When we got here I was stressing as it was +6 on the mountain and spring conditions. Then, we got the 10cm on Sunday that we were supposed to, but after that the forecast was for a couple centimetres here and there and that would be that. Nope. It’s continued dumping every single frickin’ day and now we’ve gone from end-of-season to mad Arctic weather in the space of seven days.

Nice view, isit.

So, I still am having problems with the Infobahn here in the Propaganda palace hence the absence of blog yesterday. But it’s been early starts and late finishes and a white man’s gotta eat. But yesterday was the same program we’ve started to get used to: get up the hill shit early, try shit, and have it not quite work due to a combination of minor technicalities and the fact that we could not see where we were going.

Joonas looking scary, Basa looking cold. She wasn’t the only one.

Sami and Tasty.sk’s Vlado.

Wallace and Matt from the Propaganda chalet we’re staying in found some next season Burton samples and pimped it.

But, actually, yesterday we spent the morning checking a ski jump in a place 40 minutes down the road that if I had the internet right now I would tell you the name. Something Pleso. Anyway, as we’re now used to, it was not do-able, but on the way back to Jasna we spied a double kinker that ticked our fancy. But it was a night gig so we went back to Jasna, dicked around in the trees with shitloads of snow trying to bag some pow blast scheisse, but all I wanted to do was sack it off and actually shred the freshies. Your heart may not be quite bleeding, but this snowboard journalism lark really tests your professionalism on occasion. Yeap, I went for a pow lap and left them to it…

Car bro-down this morning.

Then we headed down and Matti nailed this rail over a stream. Thankfully he didn’t get eaten by a bear in the lonely, dark and scary woods from where he had to drop in. It was dope, though. The kid’s got the skills and nosepressed it like 30 times before the collective Finnish style police were happy.

Joonas contemplating dropping into the Snow-Vakian pow pow.

Today we were, strangely, super productive. Again, a powder day. Again, not so much visibility. Again, all I wanted to do was open her up and chcuk some roosters. Again, I ended up filming and then sneakily taking a selfish lap with Basa. Moo ha ha. The boys got some pow drops done, a tree jib that we found on the way down and once that was wrapped we were all numb from the cold and through marginal visibility foggles made it down to the restaurant to warm up.

The tree jib that Joonas was stoked to have next year’s Forum banana for.

As night drew in, we got in the car and drove the snow-drifted road past countless cars that had ragged it too hard in a futile attempt to get down the hill faster (why?) and ended up in either wrecks or ditches back to the double kink. Wit an easy setup it was on to be bemused looks of the locals. One old dame gave Joonas an earful making the ‘you are crazy’ hand gestures, but when he stomped a 50-50 she applauded him as if she were at the opera. Once he’d nailed the 50-50, Joonas stepped it up and went for the front board down the green beast and, in the effort to perfect the shot, gave himself a mild concussion meaning he didn’t know what country we were in, where we were staying, or what we’d done for the last 7 days. He seems to be all good now but we’ll check in on the moustachioed one through the night to make sure.

Oops. Slower next time…

Right, should you still be reading the double-multi blog, tomorrow we may go hit up this contest that is going on down the road in a place called – I think – Donavaly. The wind is supposed to be gnarly in Jasna tomorrow so maybe Matti and Joonas can get some contest cash and get Sami and I wasted. We shall see.

The green double kink in a place the name of which escapes me. Too many consonants, not enough vowels.

Internet connection permitting, we shall waffle more tomorrow.


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