On Saturday 18th July it was the first Westbeach Snowflex series and it was held at Halifax Ski and Snowboard Centre.

It was a pretty windy day but it didn’t bother anyone as the standard was amazing, a lot of 9s went down and nearly a 10 by Andy Nudds who is a local at Halifax and a good friend who I ride with a lot. Danny McCormick was also riding really well too.

The comp started with a 2 hour practice which was a great chance to get warmed up; even to get some runs down. After it was the Qualification which was around 45 mins, it went really well as I got some good runs on the jump.

It was then narrowed down to 8 men in the final; I was happy to be one of them. I was delighted to get some good tricks in the final which was hopefully going to put me in the super-final which included 4 men.

The super-final was announced and it was me, Andy Nudds, Danny McCormick and Col Mytton. I knew this was going to be a hard final as all were amazing riders. So the super-final was fun and everyone rode amazingly well. The results were read out and I was so stoked to come 1st, Danny McCormick in 2nd and Andy Nudds in 3rd. It was a great day.

Shout outs to Sue Garlick and Wayne Taylor for a great contest! Check out all the results on the Westbeach Snowflex Series site and the dates for the other 2 comps coming up.