We are working really hard to keep you updated with all the gossip during those boring summer months!

That is why I sacrificed my precious lunch break to go surfing (I know, we journalists have a really hard job...) with two of the Ästhetikers. One of them has just earned himself the title "Rider of the Year" last season and the other one has been at the fore front of snowboarding for many years. Ladies and gentlemen: Wolle Nyvelt and Steve Gruber.

Both of them are brandnew members of the Planet SHRED! team, the snowboard division of Planet Sports, a rad snowboard-, skate- and surf shop with a couple of stores in Germany. As their flagship store is based in Munich, the Planet Sports crew thought it would be a good idea to show Wolle and Steve, two passionate surfers who are often spending their summers at the French Atlantic coast or in Indonesia, their "local spot".

I have already written about the Eisbach, the Munich river wave, a couple of times in this blog because after my flat and our editorial office it has become my third home, but seeing two snowboarding icons having so much fun on our small wave, is worth a mentioning! They were both super stoked and spent two and a half hours in the water (they would have probably stayed much longer if I hadn´t be the party-pooper and dragged them out of the water as Sami, our photo ed, was already waiting in our office to shoot some portraits of Wolle). I couldn´t believe how good they got after this short period of time and I think they both got kind of hooked - after the session they promised to come back and if you are a Munich Eisbach local don´t be surprised if you hear plenty of "Eöhhhhh´s" in the line up in the near future...