Hey there!

We are the Blue Tomato Team. We ride for Europe's biggest snowboard shop which is based in Austria. A team made up mainly of motivated Austrian Rookies, guys, girls, snowboarders... It's all about the shred and having fun and improving our riding. We'll travel through Europe all season bringing you news from all the latest contests, secret Austrian Jib Sessions and any hot news that comes from the Blue Tomato camp. You can check out more about us at www.blue-tomato.com

We are:

  • Fips Gruber
  • Patz Gruber
  • Herby Thaler
  • Marco Hafez
  • Erwin "Pole" Polanc
  • Diz Pichler
  • Roli Scharmer
  • Vanessa Waldenhofer
  • Claudia Fliri
  • Ville Uotila
  • Ziga Susa
  • Hansi Kainz
  • Flo Galler
  • Liz Kristoferitsch
  • Flo Wieser
  • Dom Tritscher
  • Tobi Tritscher
  • Josh + Mescht Absenger

The Blue Tomato Team is proudly supported by Bluebird Wax, Protec Protection and Nomis Clothing.