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Volcom Escramble Premiere, Munich

Hello, Bonjour, Servus, Hola, Mitä Kuuluu, Tjerna blah blah blah.

Thought I’d pop up a few words on the premiere of Volcom’s new flick, Escramble, as that’s how we were amusing ourselves last Saturday night. And it was what yesterday made me feel, frankly, a bit shit. My, how amusing it was. It was the European premiere of their 2-year project in Munich’s Badeanstalt, and I guess there was a bit of a ‘word’ on the street as the place was rammed when we arrived at 9.30. Rammed, as always at snowboard parties in Munich, with many a drunken kid. In fact, before we’d even got in we’d seen a couple of kids doing the technicolour yawn. Some things are good about getting old, and this includes being able to hold your booze better.
Or maybe you just don’t down bottles of Thunderbird with such vigor. Or something.

Opening PowPow

So, anyway, once past the early casualties, we made it past the men in black in into the throng of people. It must have had something to do with the free beer kindly offered up by the Volcomites, the promise of other freebies and, of course, the promise of finally seeing the Volcom team film they’d been teasing us with for a while now. We missed the free beer, bugger. But it was wack shit anyway. I though there was some kinda law in Munich that they could only serve good beer. I guess this was the exception which proves the rule…

Nice bar

So, was Escramble worth the wait? Well, kinda. It’s always hard to form a proper opinion of a movie when you’re sandwiched between drunks and trying to become one yourself, but whatever. After Volcom’s claymation interpretation on the World’s creation, the film kicked off with a pure make-you-wanna-go-ride-pow shot of some dude having it down a pillow line.
The ‘some dude’ credit ain’t me being lazy or too wasted to remember, it’s a style the filmmakers adopted which was kinda a pain – they never captioned who was riding so you never really knew. Maybe they think you should know their riders? Maybe they think it doesn’t matter? Maybe I think it does? But Wille’s section was first up and it was a banger. Nines all over the place and a tasty frontside 3 were what stood out. Then it kinda became apparent that even after 2 years of filming, a lot of the shots were at the same spots. What was ‘Wow’ in Wille’s part turned to ‘Oh, that kicker again’ a while later. Shame. The crowd of Bavarians got stoked when some dude in lederhosen started riffing on his guitar for Gigi’s part. Reluctant as I am to diss a nation’s national dress, I still find the Bavarians’ lederhosen love a bit odd. Oh well, Oktoberfest soon and word is you get in a tent way easier if you’re in a pair so I might give em a go. On second thoughts, fuck that. Anyway, old timers would have been salivating over Iguchi, Terje and Jamie Lynn’s part but whilst much was OK, and some was great, some of the freeride shots didn’t get me boogy juices flowing. Good to see them boys shred again, though. Shaun White had the crowd finding their voice again with his dope kicker transfer line part… Shit. I just realised I said I was gonna write a few words and just seen I’ve written a bunch already. You still there? OK, I’ll sum it up:

All The Kids Love Free

Psycadelic rock soundtrack; some great riding by Volcom’s A-Team; some average riding by Volcom’s A-Team; Shaun White’s transfer session; back nine over Chad’s gap; not sure who’s riding all the time; kids loved the product toss at the end (when do they not?); Bjorn Leines bangers!; where were Markus Keller and Cheryl Mass?… Basically, as with any film you see at a party/premiere, I wanna see this again to make a better judgment of it. But if you were to put a gun to my head and rate it right now, I’d say B-:
showed some early promise but, whist much of the riding is good, Escramble doesn’t really deliver the banger I expected. That said, there’s something to appeal to all-comers in here and the rock soundtrack is welcome relief from all the bleep-bleep electro pop of many other movies.

That’s it. Go check it out for yourself and tell me how wrong I am. Dates and all that jazz here:

Some party shots by Sami ‘Two Phones’ Tuoriniemi. Cheerio


Don’t try this at home

’32’s Steffi Hager and Methodmag’s Mattias Konttinen


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