Our Teamrider Ville Uotila is spending his summer in New Zealand. He wrote a few lines for you to tell what's up

Hey all,

My summer went pretty fast and I’m already in New Zealand. The crazy thing is that the season is already on. Summer was one of the best and was really relaxed to me. I got a lot of time to take my time and just chill out with my friends. Summer in Finland is just amazing.

Here in NZ we got a few really good days in the beginning but after a few days the weather went really bad. The best thing is that I’m here with my buddies from Finland like Jaakko Ruha, Janne Korpi, Antti Autti, Peetu Piiroinen, Markku Koski etc… After a week we couldn’t stay away from the bar and we drunk a few beers. hahaha… Or should I say a little more than just a few..

Right now, we’re just waiting for good weather and a chance to learn some new tricks. Good thing about Wanaka (the place where i’m staying) is that here you can do whatever beside snowboarding like bungee jumping, tennis, golf, cycling, fishing etc… By the way, if everybody already knew, snowboarding is totally out of control right now and it’s getting even more crazy. Next time I’m gonna tell you what’s the deal with the tricks and what’s the hottest thing.

Later mates!!