Two weeks Stubai Zoo presented the replica of the Billabong Air & Style kicker. German parkdesigners Schneestern made a great opportunity for riders to familiarize with the conditions. Almost the same kicker and perfect weather conditions gave riders opportunity to start with even more self-confidence into the Billabong Air & Style.

Riders like Seppe Smiths, Marko Grilc, Sani Alibabic, Gigi Ruf, Marc Swoboda, Eero Ettala, Peter Konig and Co. showed that no matter how big is the kicker they can throw any trick the crowd wants to see it. Going switch, making double flip, doble rodeos or corks, even big spins with double grabs, all that and even more was just a piece of cake for the present riders. The whole Stubai glaicer was holding breathe while riders were having fun.

Check the the video HERE or HERE.