We witnessed TRAVINSANITY. Superlatives are missing after you see That's it, That's all: biggER, bettER, slowER, fattER, powdER, helicoptER, ... I'm speechless, the movie is just mind blowing. It pushes the limits of snowboarding into new dimensions. The filming and photography is just soooo perfect shot after shot. The riding is wow: massive, technical, fluid and you get to see riding from legends like the Guch and Terje! Sometime ago we interviewed Axel Pauporte about his movie Lines and he was stoked on how kids like Travis and Nico Mueller were bringing freestyle into the lines and really pushing the progression. TITA is that to the next level. TITA goes right next to Subject Haakonsen on my shelf. TITA is THE snowboard video of this decade. And Travis is a rock star so here he is for you!