Supporting yet another talented artist, Volcom presented yesterday the work of Todd Bratrud in Anglet, France. And as you might now by now, your favorite magazine has open a new office in this exact same location, on the 'Cote Basque', in order to follow what's up in the industry when the snow has melt and the riders are chilling on the beach or catching some waves between Biarritz and Hossegor. That was two good reasons to check out Todd's artshow in Volcom's secret spot: their private skate pad in Anglet.

For over ten years, Volcom has provided a platform for aspiring artists to express themselves through the Featured Artist Series line of products. Growing up in the middle of nowhere - in rural northern Minnesota - Todd Bratrud has become through the years an iconic artist on the skate scene. It was then time to reveal his epic 'Lizzard' work that he has made for Volcom, and at the same time have a skate and a pizza at the Volcom 'Poste', where the artist was showing his serie of Lizzard Pin-ups - in pink underwear, grrr... The Volcom Bratrud series includes t-shirts, hats, boardshorts, sweatshirts, socks, iPod case, sandals, woven/knit shirts, wallets and belts.

Find out more on the dedicated website, click here.