Hello my name is Tobias Strauss, I am 18 years old and visit a boarding school in Berchtesgaden/ Germany, that´s where I spend the most of my time. In the summer I sometimes visit my parents in Mondsee/ Austria and in the winter I try to go snowboarding as much as I can and travel a lot... my main targets are to finish my school well and get a sick part next season in the movie of my friends from ISENSEVEN, don't get injured, and having a lot of fun.

My best friends are Marco Smolla and my brother Philipp, I love them both... every single moment with them is just amazing! I am a person who loves to laugh a lot and make jokes about something... I don't like it when people don't have sense for humour and tell me what to do for their reason. I want to make something clear: I got told that I don't go snowboarding.

I am just a party junky and my only target is to get as much girls as I can, but maybe they have no clue how hard I trained my ass off the last couple of months... in spite of - yes I like girls, I like them a lot, and maybe show this more then other guys or make jokes about that. But come on, seriously this is not Hollywood, we all are just Snowboarders... it's fun, take it easy!

Picture of Tobi and Philipp Strauss taken by David Selbach.