Forget about the FIFA World Cup! The big event is happening right now: after two very successful warm up events, the We’ve Got Balls tournament - in association with 'My Charitable Life' - is going global with the first football World Cup for the snowboard industry. Teams from every snowboarding nation will be led by riders whose love of football is only matched by their talent on a snowboard. Nicolas Mueller, Iker Fernandez, Romain De Marchi, Anne-Flore Marxer, Freddi Kalbermatten, Morgan Lefaucheur, Dimitri Biau, Margot Rozies, Xavier Marcou, Gogo Gossner are just a few of the riders leading their nations into battle. A classic format of group - with 7-a-side teams - and knockout stages held over the course of this week will decide not only the title but also the Golden Boot award on this coming Friday. After the final, the winning team will donate a €1000 to the charity of their choice.

Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, England, and Locals have started battling this morning, with I have to say, a disappointing start for my side - France, who lost against a very determined English team, with shinguards and tape everywhere. We knew then why they came for... Dirty tacles and an efficient kick and rush tactic put an end to the dreams of Grand Slam for Les Bleus. Damn it! I thought offside was applying for God sake! I know, bias has never been a predominant quality in football reporting, has it? But never mind, as I came off the pitch to tell you the story, France was leading 2-1 against Spain. From what we could see, Austria looked pretty strong as well, with a very impressive Gogo in the goal.

Next round is on Wednesday, and the Finals and ceremony will take place Friday. So more to come soon.

Allez les Fucking Bleus!