Our tourist day saw us head straight for Loch Ness to find the famous monster. With a bunch of stuff on the hard drive already, we took today off to go sightseeing. Well, pretty much Nessie spotting was our agenda. The drive from Aviemore to the famous Loch was about an hour and from the moment we spied the watery depths that are said to hide the legendary beast that the calls of “There it is!" began.

It’s a pretty sick place. At around 240m deep this body of cold water bisects Scotland in conjunction with its sister Lochs and word is that it holds more water than all the lakes and reservoirs of England put together. With one eye trained on the surface at all times, we stopped off at Urquhart castle to shoot some portraits and take in a little history. All I’ll say here is that the crumbling stones have a story to tell.

Deciding to take the long way back so we could drive the length of the Loch, we headed towards Fort William where the mountains rose again and in places you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in Switzerland or something. This is certainly a country of a rare and special beauty and I for one am so stoked to finally come here. We finished the day at another beauty spot, near our hotel. The name escapes me now, but you had a view of the Cairngorm resort with a ruined castle in the middle of a lake as the foreground. Can’t say fairer than that, can you.

Tomorrow we head back up the hill to see if we can get a backcountry spot shot, and maybe session the kicker again. Then, it’s back to drop Sörman and Karlsson at the airport before Sami and I take in Edinburgh. So, more tomorrow.