Cyril Neri is one of the most accomplished European freeriders and we are proud to have had the opportunity to meet him and make a nice video interview with him.

We wanted to meet Cyril, because:

* he is a freeriding legend! * he just won the Xtreme de Verbier for the third time. And his first win came exactly 10 years ago! So Cyril is still in the game and capable of holding back the new generation of freeriders symbolised by Xavier De Le Rue. * he is also involved in the organisation of the Freeride World Tour so we wanted to get his feedback on how it all went on in 2007/08, and what are the plans for next year’s tour to push the recognition of professional freeriding even higher up. * we were curious to get his opinion on the new generation of freeriders in terms of progression * he has a new board sponsor - Hammer snowboards - and a favorite powpow stick

Click here to watch our 10 minutes video interview. It might seem long, but that is how we visualise freeriding: peaceful, dedicated, and in perfect harmony with the mountain…and the pow!