dear blogreaders.

"the boys are back in town" that´s what thin lizzy would say.

i prefer to choose the decent version and tell u guys we r back home in good old germany from our long trip/ vacation to wanaka, new zealand. we had some good times down there, went to parties a lot, got to know how lovely NZ-girls are, made some new friends, saw a bunch of sheeps, ate meat filled pies and of course snowboarded for some days. the flight home was long and easy and the "say good bye" action short and hard. but there is no time for mourning after perfect shaped parks and good friendships. school started again down here few days ago and i wanna get some good marks in the very first tests. i also have to get my drivers licence finally. we will try to snowboard lots in the preseason and to work more on our chipped knees before the the european winter season starts. i hope u all r doing well and enjoy your time in school same as i do!? keep in touch.