Welcome to the first installment of the Nike 6.0 UK Team photoshoot blog – where you can keep up to date with the team’s daily activities as they mission across Austria checking out a fine selection of the countries parks, jibs, mountains and schnitzel.

The crew consists of Jamie Nicholls, Sparrow Knox and Olympic contender, athlete, pipe machine and newly adopted Nike 6.0 rider Ben Kilner – who is getting a well earned break from training in the U-Tube to shoot some park with Nike 6.0. Chris Kightley was also meant to be with us but was floored by the doctors back in the UK days before we left having discovered he’d been riding with a broken heel for three weeks. Photographer Rudi Wyhlidal and filmer Tim Warwood are documenting the adventure in it’s full glory – and you can check out what Jamie Nicholls thought about days one and two here…

“First day in Flachauwinkel riding the Absolut Park, me, Ben and Sparrow went up the mountain early to check out the park and see what there was to ride. We got to the park and it was amazing, jam-packed with features from jumps to wall rides around the size of a 6 meter giraffe. We first had a ride around in the park to see what could make a good shot. We went on the wall ride first and we had a great session followed by an epic ham and cheese toasty.

In the afternoon we sessioned one of the jumps, it was really fun and everyone got warmed up with a bunch of tricks. Eventually it got too warm and slushy to be safe so we called it a day and log some of the footage Tim got. The day went great and we all came out with some good shots. It’s good up here as we are staying at the Hubertusalm hostel / restaurant that is up the mountain right in the middle of the park so hopefully we’ll get a night shoot in before we leave. Can’t wait for tomorrow."