Here's a quick heads up on day 3 of the Nike 6.0 Euro Team trip to Saas-Fee from Italians Daniel Neulichi, Marco Donzelli and Ruggero Carlizzi...

When we woke up at 6.30am we looked out the window and saw grey skies – bad weather – so we went down to breakfast to find out if the park was even open.

Luckily they said it was, so we went up even though it was a bad weather day. That day I was shooting with the photographer - I wanted to get some sick shots in the halfpipe and even though the weather wasn’t that good the snow was fast and hard so we managed to get some sick shots.

When the pipe was done we had a kicker session with all the other riders. By this time the sun had come out and the session was on, we got some cool shots and had some fun filming. After riding we relaxed and got ready for big evening dinner with the whole team which was really fun.