How do you think the staff of Onboard magazine do that thing that managers like to call 'team bonding'? Well, let me enlighten you: we wake up at the crack of dawn, slip into our shred clothes, load up the car with boards and a flask of tea and head to our local hill, Spitzing, a 40 minute skid from our office door.

Today marked the openning of this special little German resort and there was a good metre of fresh and plenty of groomers to welcome our army of shred-heads. Accompanying us on the season's cherry popping were our brothers and sisters from MBM magazine and a host of good guys including Gigi, Sani A., David B., Christoph Webers and Christophe Schmidt plus friends.

With sun breaking the clouds and visibility good the conditions were near on perfect. Little Japan, although quickly tracked, had plenty of stash to offer and put a smile on the faces of all.

Now all we have to do to keep life this good is carry on recycling, lobby corporations to be more environmentally conscious and pray to Ullr for more of the white love that falls from the sky.

Big thanks to Spitzing and all our friends who were out sharing the love...