As proud partners of the Leysin Park, is super stocked to announce that the Superpipe in Leysin as been perfectly shaped and is opened as from today! Norman Kerr and Nico Vaudroz, the Leysin Park shapers, have been working hard the whole week to achieve this. The Superpipe in Leysin is massive, one of the biggest pipes in Switzerland if not Europe: 140m long to hit more tricks, 5m of walls to fly higher and a slope inclined at 20°degrees to keep that speed pumping! A perfect swiss pipe baby!

Here is some action from today with Norman going big and Onboard senior photographer, Pat Vermeulen, shooting!

Of course next to the pipe, a nice park is also waiting for you! There’s the red line with a big gap, a mid-size gap and a couple of nice boxes and rails, the blue line offers a sequence of kickers with easier rails in between, and when you reach the bottom just high 5 your bro and go for a drink at the Freestyle bar! Easy!

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