Yeah BrOs! This is it! Since September 22sd we have been feeding you with our daily shred posts - non stop! The season has been awesome and we have enjoyed every second of it both off and online! ;)

We definitly hope you had a blast too, riding hard in the nice freshy we got blessed with this winter, killing parks around Europe, shredding with your BrOs or simply having fun on your board, and of course checking out our blog every day! ;)

The time has come to wrap it up...we won't come back on all the epic events, contests, resorts, interviews, product reviews we had the great opportunity to do and we just invite you to "surf" through our archive, tag cloud, BrOADER[TV] episodes to relive some of the best moments.

We are switching to summer mode, which means extreme chilling, freebording - definitly - and heading to the beach as soon as possible! But we have big plans for the future version of which will be up and running in September if we manage to pull it off.

In the mean while, we would be stoked to receive your feedback on what you think of - good or bad, but don't be too harsh or we will track you until we find you ;) - what we could improve, what you would like to see/read/hear on snowbroader which is missing, etc...

Okay, boys and girls, it's time to pull the curtain down on this second year of existence of snowbroader and wish you the best summer ever!

See you in September!


Nico & Phil - The BrOs