Summer is over, back on winter…

After a little trip to Portugal, then one week of coaching in Les Deux Alpes for the Girlie Camps, and – mainly, I have to say – some long holidays in Hossegor for the Shooting of Point Break 2, I was back at the base, in the Alps.

At the moment I’m in Munich. So the guys at Onboard put a gun on my head saying « write your second blog now ! » which I did. I’m also here for a K2 shoot with my buddies from the Euro team Danny Larsen, Martin Sandberg and Ben Kilner. After this, I think I’ll go make some turns on some glaciers around, so I get a little fitter before hitting the infamous Mondial du Snowboard in Les Deux Alpes at the end of October.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, the Fiasco DVD – new Psykopit film – is going to hit the stores across Europe next week. I’ll keep you posted on when and where are the Premieres. I can already tell you that the first one will be in Lyon on the 30th of October. Come back soon for more news!

Happy schooling everyone!